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Stockmann Tallinn department store welcomes around 2,8  million visitors a year and has almost 190 000 loyal customers and reaches millions of gross contacts monthly with its own media channels. Our media channels provide a targeted approach to a unique demographic of Stockmann customers – the most desirable retail customers in Estonia. 



The focus of the traditional print media is our loyal customer and lifestyle magazine, MyStockmann Magazine. The magazine will be published seven times in 2021 and has a distribution o55 000 copies. Also traditional direct mailing, leaflets etc. can be executed by demand to a targeted audience. 



In-store media are the face of Stockmann and we are constantly developing new media to help you reach the right customers near and inside the store. Our in-store media includes display windows, atrium and facade banners, screens, video walls, audio, pop-ups, security gate covers and events. 



Stockmann can offer presence through several online media channels (website, newsletters, social media and mobile application). Stockmann online media reach is 100K monthly. 


Booking information 

Stockmann Media is available to suppliers, tenants and loyalty program partners of Stockmann. Stockmann reserves the right to choose all content that is published in Stockmann Media. The Stockmann mediabook includes media specifications, prices and material specifications. 






The MyStockmann Magazine is a regularly published, high-class printed magazine. 


The content is divided into two sections:
1. Inspiration for our customers about trends and newness they want to know about for the upcoming season
2. Share the most appreciated benefits – the monthly loyal customer offers from Stockmann and its partners 

The magazine is available in Estonian. 


PRICING (20 % VAT will be added)
– Full page 1 400 €
– Double page spread 1 400 €
– Back cover 1 800 € 



Approximately 55 000 copies of which are mailed directly to our best loyal customers and 5000 are distributed via Tallinn department store. 








Display windows are available as ad space for selected partners that support the Stockmann brand. Stockmann reserves the right to accept or decline window advertisers depending on the provided display window plans. 


PRICING (VAT 20 % will be added)

Tallinn Stockmann (window): 

  • 2500€ per month 


Please note that assembly and disassembly time is included in the media time. Production, assembly and disassembly are not included in the media price.  



The deadline for the window plan is two months before the publish day. 





Facade bannerLiivalaia 


PRICING (20 % VAT will be added) 

Facade banners in Tallinn Stockmann store:
– Facade banner, Tartu Mnt 9x11m,  week 1 500 € 
– Facade banner, Liivalaia 9x11m, week 1 500 €  

 Facade banner Liivalaia 25x11m week 3000€

Local store possibilities for instore/facade banners:
– Please contact Stockmann via email. 



– Banner production is to be ordered from a named subcontractor to ensure the right fixtures and quality.
– Production price for the banner is 539€ (9x11size)VAT . Production costs are to be agreed and billed via our subcontractor.
– Advertiser is responsible for the production costs. 



The deadline for the visual plan is 21 days before the publish day. 





The video wall is located close to the main entrances of the department store on Tartu mnt. 

Our video wall is an excellent media for showing your brand videos or advertisements in central locations close to the point of purchase. The material plays repeatedly day and night, showing relevant Stockmann campaigns and supplier’s advertisements and loops circa 10 000 times per month. 


PRICING (VAT 20 % will be added) 

Tallinn Stockmann (including 1 video screen) 

– 1 week  750  
– 1 month 1 500 € 



– Only one material per campaign
– Size 1920 x 1080 px, 16:9 horizontal
– Video material must be Full HD format, MP4
– Maximum length for video is 15 seconds
– Text languages: Estonian 
– The material must be silent
– Transfer advertisement materials to Stockmann by email. 



The deadline for the materials is 14 days before the publish day. 


In-Store Screens 


In-store screens are a real point of sale media – this is how you reach your customers when they are actually shopping! 

– Total amount of screens15 in total, Foodstore 1screens, Fashion floors 3 standing screens, Loyal customer service point 2 screens.
– Placement: Screens are placed in the busiest areas of the stores, often near the entrances and cashiers
– Both videos and still pictures
– In the normal loop your advertisement will be shown circa once per minute. In busy seasons the loop may be longer. 


PRICING (VAT 20 % will be added) 

 Media price 450 € per week1200€ per month 



– Only one material per campaign
– Size 1080 x 1920px
– Video material must be Full HD format, MP4
– Maximum length for video is 10 seconds
– Text languages: Estonian
– The material must be silent
– Transfer advertisement materials to Stockmann by email. 





Stockmann has annually thousands of customers in our department store. Audio marketing within the store catches the customer’s attention and will both inspire and help her in the decision-making process. Audio marketing can be played with different frequencies, during different weekdays and with specified timing. 


PRICING (VAT 20 % will be added) 

Tallinn store: 

Campaign duration  Low run, 1 times / hour  High run3 times / hour 
Price per week  350 €  650 € 


Project management and professional voice production is included in the price. The text must be provided in Estonian by the advertiserMedia prices apply for one produced audio advertisement.  Production cost is additional 150€/version. 



The speaker is a trained professional who can vividly present the advertisement. The texts are needed in Estonian. The message needs to be very short. If there are foreign or new words in the advertisement, a pronunciation scheme can be added. You can give style guidelines to the advertisement as well as desire music to the background. 



The deadline for the materials is 14 days before the publishing day. 




Please contact Stockmann via email or your category contact. 





Please contact stockmann via email or your category contact. 

PRICING (VAT 20 % will be added) 

– Tallinn flagship pop-up 1500€ per month 




Stockmann Media can offer its partners great possibilities for different kind of happenings from PR and sales promotion in our lounges to large outdoor events. All events need to be related to the Stockmann marketing plan and commercial calendar. 



Please contact Stockmann via email or your category contact. 







Stockmann newsletters are one of the main communication channels with several messages per week. The subscriber list of 50 000 includes both regular and loyalty program customers. All newsletters are targeted to specific audiences in order to ensure that the content is relevant and valuable for our customers. 

Newsletter marketing has two options: 

– Brand dedicated newsletters contain only a specific brand’s material.
– Newsletter banners are combined with other content with a similar theme. 


PRICING (VAT 20 % will be added) 

– Brand dedicated Stockmann newsletter, targeting included: 1 500 € 
– Banner in themed Stockmann newsletter, targeting included:  550 € 



Brand dedicated newsletter 

Please find detailed info and examples below. 

Newsletter banner 

– Format: .jpg or .tiff  (.gif as simple)
– Full width banner: 620 x 350 px
– Headline text: If needed
– Max text characters/body text: 250
– Link text: If needed
– Link destination (…): If needed 



Advertiser can book a publishing week and Stockmann reserves the right to decide the actual publishing date to fit the newsletter banner to Stockmann marketing plan.
The deadline for the materials is 14 days before the publishing day. 




Our organic social media channels have a wide audience, close to 22 000 fans on Facebook and 5000 followers on Instagram. 

For brands we offer tailored social media ad campaigns. All social media campaigns are tailored according to brand goals. We set a goal for the campaign together with the brand and after that, determine the ideal target groups, channels, creatives, purchasing methods and metrics for the campaign. The main channels for social media campaigns are Facebook and Instagram. We use our own CRM, webstore and DMP data together with Facebook’s targeting data to create the ideal target group for the campaign. 

The material requirements will depend on the actual campaign plan.  The campaign will be planned together with the brand, materials will be produced by the brand and the campaign will be built and optimized by Stockmann and the brand will get a report after the campaign. 


PRICING (VAT 20 % will be added) Choose a target group by category, gender and age. The budget will be depending on the target group and its size. For pricing please contact stockmann via e-mail. 



FB/IG post 300€  

FB/IG Targeted post ask price email: 


(depending on the actual plan) 

Picture sizes:
– Facebook: 1200 x 1200 px or 1080 x 1350 px
– Instagram: 1080 x 1080 px 

Short texts in Estonian 




Stockmann Media is available for suppliers, tenants and loyalty program partners of Stockmann. Stockmann reserves the right to choose all content that is published in Stockmann Media. It is not allowed to forward media space to a third party or to utilise it for marketing third party brands, products or services without prior consent from Stockmann. 

Cancellations must be made to  Cancellations made less than 14 days before the material deadline will be charged 50 % of the agreed price. 

VAT 20 % will be added to all media prices.